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UAS Updated 3/31/14

Thank you Heather Parker for adding the Cube Sale to the UAS.  -da

UAS Updated 3/3/14

Thank you Heather Parker for updating the UAS.  Here are her comments:

Please let everyone know that the retail prices have not been updated (as that will take lots of time, but I will get it done).  The sale prices should be accurate as well as updates on the buckets.   Let us know if you see any changes that need to be made.   -da

UAS Updated 12/30/13

One quick change. The Home Party Price on the UAS page 27 (Buckets) Cornmeal bucket price was recently corrected in the back office to reflect $35.99. The UAS now shows this change. -da

UAS Updated 12/27/13

A HUGE Thank YOU to Janiene Rise for helping me update the UAS today. Also Thank YOU to Jean Hope for being persistent in making sure I update the packages on the special event pricing, basic & supreme. Per Janiene Rise’s recommendation we now only need to update ONE sale page once a month. This will save on printing and the amount of time it takes to update this document. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to You All! – da

UAS Updated 11/9/13

Note: The UAS Bucket Package has been discontinued. All of the retail prices are now up to date. Thank you Candys Houfburg for working with me on the UAS. Gave a great weekend! -da

UAS Updated 10/28/13

A huge THANK YOU to Candys Houfburg for updating the UAS for us all! -da

UAS Updated 8/21/13

Thank you to Jean Hope for finding that the Event Pricing pg 31. 4 side shelf price needed to be changed.  Also the page 19 Seychelle Water Bottle price change.  Again thanks to Kelly for being so fast and updating the UAS!  Team work!  Woo hoo! -da


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