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Training Materials & Tools for Thrive Life Independent Consultants by The Abbott's Special Note: Due to the resources necessary to keep this document up to date, as of 7/31/14 this document will be exclusive to the MoreThrive Team and available to the our consultants and their customers. If you are not on our team please contact your active and growing upline for their version of this document.

UAS Updated 6/2/14

The UAS has been updated to reflect the removal of the FRS sale that ends 05.31.2014. This UAS also reflects the discontinuation of the following packs:
-The Drink Variety Bucket
-The Ice Cream 6 Pack
-The Seychelle Water Bottle 4 Pack
-The Seychelle Water Bottle 4 Pack with the Emergency Crank Radio Flashlight
-The Water Pump/RAO Combo
The prices stayed the same on the other packs, however, there is a page number change since the pages shifted (due to the removal of the discontinued packs). Therefore, the “updated on” date at the bottom is reflecting the page number change. -Heather Parker

UAS Updated 5/5/14

Thanks Jean Hope for recommending the retail price be listed on the FRS sale instead of the Event Flyer sale price.  Only page 3 has been updated.  -HP

UAS Updated 5/2/14

Thanks SO much to Eric Anderson for notifying me that the Item # for the #10 FRS on sale was not on the Special Pricing Page.  The error has been corrected and only page 3 has been changed.  -HP

UAS Updated 4/30/14

From Heather Parker:  Here is the updated UAS.  Quite a few changes on this one:  The single water barrel kit has been discontinued.  This made a few of the page numbers change.  The retail price on the 72 hour kit changed.  Two of the buckets were discontinued and a few UAS sale prices changed.  The event flyer had quite a few changes as well.  Also, the #10 FRS is on sale for the month of May.  Instead of creating a full page flyer, the sale information is listed on the Sale page (page 3).  To know what pages have been updated, look at the bottom of each page.  Updated pages will have the date of 04.30.2014 if it had any changes made to it (whether it’s a page number change or a price change).  Please let me know if you see any errors or if you have questions.  :o)

UAS Updated 4/21/14

Thank you Heather Parker for updating the UAS. The update reflects items that are no longer on sale.-da

UAS Updated 3/31/14

Thank you Heather Parker for adding the Cube Sale to the UAS.  -da

UAS Updated 3/3/14

Thank you Heather Parker for updating the UAS.  Here are her comments:

Please let everyone know that the retail prices have not been updated (as that will take lots of time, but I will get it done).  The sale prices should be accurate as well as updates on the buckets.   Let us know if you see any changes that need to be made.   -da


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