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UAS Updated 4/21/14

Thank you Heather Parker for updating the UAS. The update reflects items that are no longer on sale.-da

UAS Updated 3/31/14

Thank you Heather Parker for adding the Cube Sale to the UAS.  -da

UAS Updated 3/3/14

Thank you Heather Parker for updating the UAS.  Here are her comments:

Please let everyone know that the retail prices have not been updated (as that will take lots of time, but I will get it done).  The sale prices should be accurate as well as updates on the buckets.   Let us know if you see any changes that need to be made.   -da

UAS Updated 12/30/13

One quick change. The Home Party Price on the UAS page 27 (Buckets) Cornmeal bucket price was recently corrected in the back office to reflect $35.99. The UAS now shows this change. -da

UAS Updated 12/27/13

A HUGE Thank YOU to Janiene Rise for helping me update the UAS today. Also Thank YOU to Jean Hope for being persistent in making sure I update the packages on the special event pricing, basic & supreme. Per Janiene Rise’s recommendation we now only need to update ONE sale page once a month. This will save on printing and the amount of time it takes to update this document. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to You All! – da

UAS Updated 11/9/13

Note: The UAS Bucket Package has been discontinued. All of the retail prices are now up to date. Thank you Candys Houfburg for working with me on the UAS. Gave a great weekend! -da

UAS Updated 10/28/13

A huge THANK YOU to Candys Houfburg for updating the UAS for us all! -da


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